Our mobile, off-grid battery energy-storage systems are designed for a range of industrial applications, enabling our customers to enter new markets. The high-quality PowerSkid and EnergySkid are engineered to withstand temperature and weather conditions for mobile applications and to efficiently cope with fluctuations in the electricity network. They stand out for their quality and ease of use, thanks to the dedicated control system with detailed insight into power usage, generator charging and troubleshooting. Our software enables real-time monitoring for managing a large pool of power units using our dedicated app.

Energy Storage

The PowerSkid and EnergySkid provide mobile, off-grid battery energy storage. Our clients benefit from emission- and noise-free electric power on location, such as for festivals, building sites, filming locations or other kinds of event. Compared to operating a generator continuously and coping with fluctuating demand, only using it to charge our batteries is much more efficient and uses less fuel.
Our clients can simply schedule generator charging times using Outlook calendar. They can set a recurring charging appointment, for example, to charge at specific times that result in the least amount of disruption. Or they can block specific time slots for charging and enabling automatic battery charging during permitted times.

Peak shaving

Our energy-storage systems offer a perfect solution for peak shaving for industrial and commercial power consumers. The PowerSkid or EnergySkid can be deployed to store electricity from the grid or from renewable power sources like solar and wind, and release during peak demand. This helps to level out the peaks in electricity use, so our clients can cut electricity costs that are calculated according to peak demand. Peak shaving can also be deployed to boost a limited grid connection, as well as contributing to grid stability by balancing out electricity supply and demand.

Power parking

Power parking is a unique application that enables rental companies to fully exploit the energy-storage capacity of our EnergySkids. When they are not being deployed for regular jobs, EnergySkids can be parked in this facility and connected to a large grid convertor. This enables their use for energy trading or Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR), so that the assets bring revenues when not in regular use. FCR is used to level out frequency deviations in the electricity grid and maintain the power balance across the electricity grid, thereby guaranteeing grid frequency.