The story of Time Shift

Time Shift is a pioneering company created from the ambition to prolong the commercial life of electric vehicle batteries. In his previous job, Time Shift founder Casper Scheltinga was confronted with large quantities of battery packs from electric vehicles being discarded, shredded and recycled. In most cases, the batteries were in perfect working order, but their storage capacity had degraded, rendering them unsuitable for their primary automotive application.
Casper recognised their potential and decided to match the re-use of electric vehicle batteries to the market demand for energy-storage systems. In 2017, Time Shift built its first stationary energy-storage system using second-life batteries, which was deployed to stabilise the electricity grid for the Dutch transmission system operator (TSO) TenneT.
Following this, in 2019, the first opportunities arose to sell the first four commercial, mobile, energy-storage systems to customers. This enabled Time Shift to develop the specific expertise required to engineer and build safe and reliable mobile energy-storage solutions using second-life electric vehicle batteries.
Today, Time Shift operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. We have both the ambition and potential to expand globally and build our systems at any location, locally matching electric vehicle battery supply and energy-storage system demand.