The EnergySkid is a battery energy-storage system with a power output of 1.2 MW. It is primarily designed for ancillary services and is also highly suitable for mobile, off-grid applications, such as at large construction sites with high power demands. Each EnergySkid is fitted with second-life batteries equivalent to 30 electric vehicles.
The EnergySkid offers a perfect solution for ancillary services, such as Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR), unbalance trading, load shifting and peak shaving. For mobile, off-grid applications, the EnergySkid is delivered as a turnkey, user-friendly solution: it is placed on site and ready for use via plug-and-play. Our clients benefit from emission- and noise-free electric power on location and can simply schedule generator charging times using Outlook calendar. Our smart software also allows for remote control, automatic alerts and easy troubleshooting via a smartphone application, which gives our clients detailed, real-time insight into system performance and their power usage.