The PowerSkid is a battery energy-storage system with a power output of 100 kW (performance) or 80 kW (endurance). It is specifically designed for mobile and other kinds of off-grid application, such as building sites, festivals, events, filming locations or off-grid electric vehicle charging stations. The PowerSkid is also available as a stationary version, which is not able to run off-grid. Each PowerSkid is fitted with second-life battery modules equivalent to three to six electric vehicles.
The PowerSkid is available in two versions, geared to performance or endurance, for both mobile and stationary applications. The PowerSkid Performance, with a power output of 100 kW, can deliver a peak power of 170 kW for thirty seconds once every thirty minutes. The PowerSkid Endurance, with a power output of 80 kW, can deliver a peak power of 130 kW for thirty seconds once every thirty minutes.

Mobile applications

The PowerSkid for mobile applications is delivered as a turnkey, user-friendly solution: it is placed on site and ready for use via plug-and-play. Our clients benefit from emission- and noise-free electric power on location and can schedule generator charging times using Outlook calendar. Our smart software also allows for remote control, automatic alerts and easy troubleshooting via a smartphone application, which gives our clients detailed, real-time insight into system performance and their power usage.

Stationary applications

The PowerSkid for stationary applications is tailored to include only those features necessary for a highly cost-effective solution. It does not have a distribution box, for example, and cannot be used for off-grid applications. This PowerSkid offers a perfect solution for peak shaving for industrial and commercial power consumers by storing renewable electricity and releasing it during peak demand.