Our vision

Our vision is to supply energy-storage solutions that give new life to discarded batteries. As the use of electric vehicles increases, so does the environmental impact of global battery waste. Time Shift matches the huge amount of discarded batteries to the demand for energy-storage systems: crucial for a reliable transition from fossil to renewable energy sources.

Our vision on batteries

Batteries from commercial electric vehicles are often replaced after five years – at the end of their commercial, but not their technical life. By then, battery capacity has degraded to 90 or 80%, delivering a lower range per charge for taxis, buses and cargo vehicles. The discarded batteries are shredded and recycled, even though they have plenty of capacity left for other applications.
Time Shift gives new commercial life to these batteries, avoiding premature recycling and the associated environmental impact. We deliver a fully stabilised system that exploits the full technical capacity of each battery – ensuring they can be used safely and reliably for another five to eight years. The battery degradation rate remains the same, depending on factors such as usage conditions, temperature and the charge and discharge level.